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Change may be coming as people from all walks of life are deciding to come together for a common cause–that racism be abolished and that the rights of African Americans be respected just like any other citizen. Most people are following after Colin Kaepernick who kicked off the kneeling protest movement by deciding not to stand for the National Anthem and speaking out publicly about the issues that most Americans would rather ignore.

Now thousands are starting to follow suit and day by people are at least having to face the fact that a very real problem still exists. It’s gaining so much traction that even Pres. Donald Trump decided to throw in his two cents–which only caused more people to not stand for the National Anthem.

Local high school football students at Frisco ISD decided to join the movement which is a good thing. The more people that become conscious and are doing things that raise awarerness about the racism and white supremacy in America, the closer we get to assessing and fixing the problem. Coaches were told that there would not be any repercussions for their form of protest–and there shouldn’t be. Power to the people.


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