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Jamie Lee Curtis returns with Halloween, this new movie is a direct sequel to the original film that came out 40 years ago. They erased everything in between. A smart move by writer Danny McBride and David Gordon Green, who co-wrote and directed this film. This isn’t your typical horror film where everyone is dumb and does the perfect thing to lead them to the pointy side of a killer’s knife.

John Carpenter the guy who created the original and did the score for this new movie, said, “I’m most excited that this is a great slasher film, They are back. You know they died years ago. You see in commercials how dumb teenagers are in horror films, like that one where they make bad decisions, Well not in this one.”

The movie starts by showing us that Michael Myers has been locked up in a mental institution since the murders that happened 40 years ago when a couple of podcasters come along to get an interview. While trying to get Michael Myers to talk they pull out his mask, as a trigger, but Michael doesn’t budge. The opening scenes set up everything you need to know for the rest of the movie.

I also got to sit down with Jamie, who was just giving off a bunch of BDE, while walking up and down Wisteria Lane on the Universal Lot.

This movie truly resurrects the slasher film with many critics calling this the best Michael Myers since the original film 40 years ago. Jamie knew this would be a hit. “Right away I knew what they were doing, how clever it was and how simple it was and it was very exciting to me. Then when I got there I had not worked with David Gordon Green before and he is just a very interesting guy. He’s just a really talented dude.”

Laurie Strode has been doing her best to live her best life, but she’s also been traumatized by Michael Myers’ killing spree, so while she tried to raise a family, her daughter was taken away from her, because she wanted them to be prepared for the moment if Myers ever came back. Laurie, how a grandmother is trying to deal with trauma, any threats and grandmother duties all at the same time.

I asked Jamie Lee about how she deals with the nagging issues of life and daily frustrations and she said, “The really great news is that I’ve been sober for almost 20 years. So I’ve learned over 20 years, how to really process feelings because I don’t have the option of picking up a drink or a drug to be able to take away the feeling. I have to process the feeling it’s apart of being sober. I’m really lucky because I process things all the time. I talk a lot, I talk to people a lot I’m very aware of how I’m feeling and I’m able to articulate it.”

Now if that ain’t a lesson. Overall this movie is the perfect movie to go see this Halloween. It’s scary, funny and highly entertaining while delivering the perfect amount of gore. Not too much, not too little.

Halloween hits theaters October 18th.

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