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The family of an African-American senior at Binghamton High School in New York secured the services of an attorney as they await the outcome of a school district ruling on a confrontation with school staff in September.

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Joshua Cyle, 17, was already suspended, but he expected to learn on Monday whether the Binghamton City School District would take further actions against him and security staff, reported.

Cyle, who said he’s an A-student preparing to go to college, admitted that he used abusive language toward his principal when they disagreed over whether he was authorized to leave school early. But Cycle argued that he didn’t deserve what happened next.

A video showed three white school employees push Cyle to the ground and slam him to the pavement on Sept. 11, prompted by the student walking out the school building through the wrong doors. Witnesses corroborated Cycle’s allegation that at least one of the men called him the N-word, which was not picked up on the audio.

“I was just trying to leave. One had his knee in my back, pushing me into the pavement. I couldn’t breathe. My glasses were knocked off into the street. While on the ground, I kept trying to tell them that I’m calm and couldn’t breathe,” the teenager said.

Officials accused Cyle of making threats against school personnel, insubordination, physical contact and emotional outbursts. However, they declined to comment on the case to

During his five-day suspension, school employees have visited Cyle’s home and “their statements continue to change on what events took place, and now they want to expel me,” he alleged.

Cyle, who said he’s never been in trouble before, wants to get past this incident and concentrate on graduating.


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