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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Speaks At The Freedom Blueprint In Iowa

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I have written time and time again about white conservatives pretending to lament the largely fictitious thing they call “cancel culture” while, in reality, being the most pro-cancel people in modern society and throughout history, for that matter. And there is no clearer example of this than Florida governor and White Supreme Chancellor of Canceling “Wokeness” Ron DeSantis joining the chorus of angry Caucasians who still have their MAGA thongs in a bunch over Country Music Television removing Jason Aldean’s happy-go-lynching “Try That in a Small Town” video from its platform.

On Thursday, DeSantis made an appearance on Fox & Friends—the Fox News show where America’s ditziest group of white right-wingers gather to whine about how dumbfounded (emphasis on “dumb”) they are by literally everything going on in the nation these days—to whitesplain about how the country has gone crazy because people are calling Aldean’s song and video racist as it appears to be an ode to Reconstruction era-style frontier justice.

“We need to restore sanity to this country,” DeSantis said. “I mean, what is going on that that would be something that would be censored? Give me a break. We’re off the rocker here in the United States with a lot of this stuff, with cancel culture, with big tech censorship, with a lot of stuff that the federal government’s doing, policing so-called misinformation. We need to get back on kilter and start having a free society again and embracing truth. So I think it’s part and parcel of a lot of the nonsense we’ve seen over the last many years.”

I’m not even sure where to start.

First of all, this is coming from the guy whose answer to all things Black history, social justice or LGBTQ-related is: “BAN IT!!! BAN IT TO HELL!!! BAN IT TO WOKE OBLIVION!!! GET BEHIND ME, CRITICAL RACE SATAN!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!”

DeSantis wants to “cancel” any institution of learning that teaches or promotes CRT, BLM, DEI, LGBTQA+, or any of the other evil alphabet arrangements that haunt his white Christian nationalist dreams like a “woke” Freddy Krueger. He doesn’t even want to allow Florida’s colleges and universities to teach these things in classes and schools that students have the option of not attending. He wants to cancel businesses and colleges that practice diversity and inclusion in their recruitment practices. He wants to cancel Disney World because its representatives disagreed with him wanting to cancel education about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Yes, Ron DeSantis is anti-censorship and anti-cancel culture—unless you count the censorship and/or cancelations of Black studies, queer studies, feminist studies, social justice studies, “woke” math books, non-white-people-approved Black history, Black voters, Black voter districts, felon voters, diversity, equity, inclusion, critical thinking (or what he calls wokeness), and generally anything that causes white people the least bit of “discomfort.”

But nah—I’m sure DeSantis is 100% against “policing so-called misinformation” in all circumstances. I mean, his state just approved teaching that enslaved people benefitted from slavery and taking an “all lives matter” approach to teaching about anti-Black race massacres, but this is definitely the guy who is all about “embracing truth.”

But of course, the Grand Wizard of Florida is standing up for Aldean’s video, which promoted the extrajudicial executions of accused criminals while running footage of anti-police violence protests in the background. Why wouldn’t the governor who pushed for a law that protects drivers who hit Black Lives Matter protesters want to protect country music lynching porn?

If only we could “cancel” white conservative hypocrisy. If only.


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