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Faith Walking: With Guest Isabelle Davis

faith walking

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I’m Isabelle Davis. Guest hosting for Miss Erica. And today, my faith Walk is I want to encourage you, James. 2:17 says it this way, ‘Faith without works is dead being alone.’  

I think often times we find ourselves in situations where we feel like man, I’m not supposed to take the next step. I’m supposed to be doing something greater. I’m supposed to be elevating in this area, but we hold ourselves back because of fear. We hold ourselves back because we say we don’t have the resources. We don’t have the connections we don’t have, you know the know how, the wisdom. But you know what? God didn’t ask you for all that. He asked you for your faith. And I believe that, as the scripture tells us, ‘without faith it’s impossible to please God.’  


I think that that’s clearly what he wants from us. He wants our yes, he wants our faith just for us to trust and rely and depend on him to get to that next level. Oftentimes we, again, we hold ourselves back because we’re looking at the situation, feeling like it’s too big, it’s too unobtainable. But you know what? A lot of times when we just take that leap of faith and we say yes to God. It’s so awesome watching him just bring you the resources and bring the finances and even the connections a lot of times when we’re in the midst of, you know, questioning what it is we’re supposed to be doing next.  


So I challenge you, you know, if that’s you, if you’re in that situation, if you’re in that scenario, why don’t you put your trust in your faith and you’re hope in God and say you know what? God, I know that you have me. I’m not going to doubt. I’m not going to delay. I’m going to step into that next thing and I’m going to trust in you knowing that you have me, that I’m stepping into a finished work because you’ve already gone before me. You’ve already made the crooked way straight. And so I put my faith. I put my hope I put my trust in you, knowing that you have me and you won’t fail me because you’re good father, you’re a good God. And that’s what we can know and rest assure in. 


There was a time when I was stepping out on faith, even concerning ministry in my music ministry.  And there was a lot of unknowns, more questions than answers, but I remember God just simply saying, do you trust me? And I had to fully put my trust in God. And so that’s what I want to tell you today. That it’s as simple as that. It’s as simple as giving God your yes, he honors our obedience, and I think a lot of times we hold ourselves back again because we’re scared to say yes because a lot of us are control freaks. Let’s just be honest. But you know what? When you turn it over to God, watch how he would blow your mind.  

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