Robert Rogers claims the justice system is working for Amber Guyger.

What would you do if you catch your child engaging in a sexual act? For many parents that’s a nightmare on several different levels! Sherri just “hopes the room has carpet” so that when she falls out she has something soft to land on. But Kym would “whoop Joshua’s butt!” What would you do? READ […]

Amber Guyger, the Dallas police officer that killed Botham Jean in his own apartment, has been fired. But Chris Paul is praying for her to find a new job soon, “one that pays 86 cents an hour in the laundry room of a woman’s penitentiary.” And he’s praying that she keeps that job “for life!” […]

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Good morning everybody. The NFL season is in full swing and in just a minute I want to double down why I am continuing my boycott and hope you do too, but first I want to give you two updates on the Botham Jean case. Yesterday his wonderful parents held Botham Jean’s final memorial service […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Butch Groves, a school administrator at The Oakridge School in Arlington, TX, has been suspended indefinitely for an inappropriate tweet he sent that went viral. For more info, see video below (content may take a few moments to load on certain devices or you may have to refresh page to view). […]

You probably remember Grace Byers from her role on Fox’s hit show Empire. She played “booboo kitty”; and actually met her husband Trai Byers on the set of that show! Her character was killed off of the show by her husband’s character. Now Byers stars in another Fox TV show called The Gifted. The show is […]

You know the hit song Lady Marmalade from the group Labelle. One of the groups members, Nona Hendryx has stayed busy since then by mentoring and teaching young girls about careers in science, technology and math. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Ms. Hendryx about her program called SisteSMATR. Hendryx noticed that she was […]

When it comes to the sexual assault allegations against him, Brett Kavanaugh has changed his story and defense several times. His latest story is that he was a virgin in high school, Huggy isn’t buying it. He was the captain of the basketball team, on the football team, rich, and a drunk, that doesn’t sound […]

Dr. Ian Smith has been writing books about health for years, but his new book The Ancient Nine is fiction based on real events. Smith started writing The Ancient Nine 25 years ago while he was a student at Harvard because he knew this was a story that needed to be told. The story is about the […]