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When it comes to interracial friendships, a lot can be misconstrued on both sides as it relates to experiences, upbringing and in most cases the varying reactions when faced with racism.

Rhode Island state Rep. Patricia Morgan recently caused a stir of controversy on the topic with a tweet that started off with “I had a black friend.” You can imagine what happened next.



Morgan was trying to make an argument against the highly-debated Critical Race Theory, which has been one of the most talked-about subjects in politics throughout 2021. In her tweet, she insists that she lost said “Black friend” for no other reason other than her whiteness. The message seemed to be both baseless and without reason, and soon led to many starting a #IHadABlackFriend trend to mock the legislator. After that hashtag began showing white people circulating racist stories, good ol’ Black Twitter fired back by trending #IHadAWhiteFriend to recall some of their own true-life experiences of having white friendships end over racism.

Both hashtags included a fair share of positive and negative responses, but #IHadAWhiteFriend really shed light on the ongoing transgressions that Black people deal with simply based off the color of their skin.

Although many believed Patricia Morgan’s “Black friend” to be imaginary and made up in order to cause an uproar, a Senator for RI District 6 named Tiara Mack stepped in to proudly claim the title and allege that it all may have began from a disagreement last week.





Take a look below at the handful of tweets we spotted in the #IHadAWhiteFriend trending topic that showed just how much work we have to do as a community in order to form friendships without racial tension:




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1. #IHadAWhiteFriend and she saved me in her phone under “Black Friend”… we are no longer “friends”

via @Melonious_Petty

2. I had white friend(s). Then I outperformed them at work. they became hostile and unpleasant. I’m sure it couldn’t be because they were shocked the black female outperformed them. Is that how corporate D&I is supposed to work? #Ihadawhitefriend

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3. #IHadAwhiteFriend that I no longer talk to because his mother kept calling me Shanequa even though my name is Stacie and he thought it was hilarious.

via @BrownMonroe2

4. #IHadaWhiteFriend, specifically two of them, who were like family. Then shit starting hitting the fan and a lot of people started asking a lot of uncomfortable questions about the church and her dark history with racism. Then they told me my choice was “Either Jesus or Race”

via @jamaalrashaad26

5. #IHadAWhiteFriend – an AIT Classmate who never met a black person until he left home, felt qualified to tell the class that “Black people can buy thousand dollar gold chains, but can’t afford to feed their families.” Are these the teachings #CRT deniers are trying to protect?

via @blorenzo

6. #IHadAWhiteFriend who told me I was surprisingly articulate. I told her she was surprisingly NOT.

via @MamaMountains

7. #ihadawhitefriend that unfollowed me on socials when I told them that the cops do more harm than good in black communities & Colin wasn’t disrespecting the flag…now she’s hostile

via @SherryF_queen

8. #IHadAWhiteFriend she said she was against Affirmative Action because minority students would never know if they got into school from their merits or race. I, making better grades than her, informed her I really didn’t care why they let me in, I gotta do the same work to get out.

via @Marshalllaw1906

9. #IHadaWhiteFriend and one day she told me she didn’t think of me as Black – and just like that, I no longer had a white friend.

via @leap29baby

10. #IHadAWhiteFriend. But she got hostile and unpleasant when I told her I wouldn’t tolerate her using the N-word in my presence. She was shocked because I’m even whiter than she was. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have your head up your tuchus.

via @ruthumstweets