On the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., people remember and commemorate his life. However, Rev. Al Sharpton says simply remembering him is not enough. “It is not enough to remember Dr. King of 50 years ago we must plan, we must strategize 50 years ahead,” said Sharpton. “We are […]

Rev. Al Sharpton expresses just how important votes are by highlighting the Virgina house recount. “We have been saying over and over again how every vote counts and nothing represent that more in the recount vote in the Virginia House of Delegates,” explained Sharpton. The recount found that democrat Shelly Simmonds won over Republican David […]

As of December 7,2017, Keisha Lance Bottoms was declared the winner of the mayoral election in Atlanta proving that showing up to vote makes a big deal. Rev. Al Sharpton encourages us all to get out and vote especially in Alabama race between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. “You can’t read the polls. You have to go […]

In light of the events that have happened over the year from Charlottesville to the sexual assault allegations surrounding Roy Moore and everything in between, it’s been tough. And even harder to find what we should be thankful for. Rev. Al Sharpton encourages us to be thankful for, “those that paid the price that we have weapons […]