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Unfortunately, dining while black has always been a thing and despite it being 2018, black people are still facing discrimination at restaurants around the country. The latest incident happened at a Harlem eatery that racially profiled some black customers, but also falsely accused them of not paying. Earlier this month while attempting to dine […]

Remember when Jemele Hill was the target of conservatives and Donald Trump? Back in September, which feels like eons ago under the Trump administration, Hill called out Trump’s racism. The White House’s lyin’ press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called for her to be fired and Trump demanded an apology. Jemele Hill was eventually suspended by ESPN […]

H&M is under fire for a racist ad that featured a Black boy wearing a hoodie with the words, "Coolest monkey in the jungle" on it.

The Kansas Department of Health issued a report that has once again placed a spotlight on the high mortality rate for Black babies.

The Neo-Nazi Charlottesville rally in August, which killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer, injured multiple people and carved another notch in Trump’s racist belt (in case you forgot, 45 said there are good people in a group of Nazis), has now resulted in the city’s first Black police chief resigning. Al Thomas, 50, said in a statement, “Nothing […]

New York’s highest court told judges that defendants are entitled to have jurors instructed about the cross-racial identification problem.