There are over 140 million people in the United States who are classified as poor or living below the poverty line. Rev. William Barber with the Poor People’s Campaign is set on changing that figure by continuing where Martin Luther King left off in 1968. Roland Martin talks with Rev. Barber about the re-launch of this campaign and what it […]

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Poor People’s Campaign which is dedicated to uniting people all over the country to come against racism, poverty, war economy, ecological destruction, and morality. Roland Martin talks with Rev. William Barber who’s carried the movement since it started. “We’ve got to change the narration and the only way […]

Roland Martin hosted a "Real State Of The Union" event with guests including Rev. William Barber and NAACP President Derrick Johnson in response to Trump's SOTU.

When the words Confederacy or confederate soldiers come to mind the thought of the Civil War, slavery, white supremacy and racism follow their after. Through all of that, the question of honoring Confederate soldiers come up time and time again. Should they are should they not be honored? Roland Martin talks with Virgina’s Lt. Gov […]

Doug Jones has been elected as the democratic Senator-elect in Alabama after a close and drama filled race. Even after winning, Roy Moore refuses to concede but Jones continues to look toward the future. Roland Martin talks with Jones about the election and the future. It’s no secret that African-Americans came out to vote and were responsible for […]

The NFL protest has been gone back and forth between protesting against police brutality or it being misinterpreted as disrespect to the flag, military, and nation. But it’s the veterans and people of the military that we should be asking about what it means to them. Roland talks with  Allison Jaslow, Executive Director with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans […]