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College. A seven letter word that means different things to different people. Can it be beneficial? Yes. Is a degree in most cases a waste of time for people other than doctors and lawyers? Definitely. Here’s why.

I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Business at Texas Woman’s University.

It was the only college that I could find that would allow me to take all my classes online–and for that I’m grateful.

I’ll be graduating in the December of 2018, but as I reflect over my journey, I came to the conclusion that:

  • Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business was a waste of time (2 years)
  • 90% of the course work won’t help me in the business world
  • I’ve only been able to apply two courses to real life situations
  • It wasn’t worth borrowing $20,000 in student loans
  • The curriculum that some teachers present is definitely absurd
  • Requiring students to pay for classes they won’t use in real life is one of the biggest scams of the century

Maybe instead of degrees, employers should restructure their requirements to focus on skills…

However, if one does decide to go to college, I think that these 7 courses will help them to be successful in life.

  1. Accounting. Why? At the very least, a business professional should be able to create financial statements to see how money flows.
  2. Social Media Marketing. Why? Learning how to market a business online is essential to survival. A lot of classes that teach this though, only do it in theory. They don’t show you how to go on Facebook, create an ad, target your audience, set up a budget, and monitor it. That’s definitely a skill that should be taught because theory doesn’t pay bills.
  3. WordPress. Why? You can do so much with WordPress, as an entrepreneur or as an employee. Learning how to use it should be required.
  4. Web Design. Why? Learning basic HTML skills can take you a long way and help you to build on what you learn in WordPress.
  5. Email Marketing. Why? Email marketing is how businesses connect, build relationships with, and market over and over to their customers. A course in Aweber on how to actually set up a campaign should definitely be required for Business majors. I haven’t seen this as a college course, but maybe it will be one in the future.
  6. Entrepreneurship/Small Business. Why? Rather you’re an entrepreneur or an employee in a business, entrepreneurship should be required. Most people wouldn’t be so wasteful if they knew what it took to actually run a business.
  7. Financial Management. Why? Everything else will fall apart in a person’s life if they don’t know how to budget their money and invest it. Banking on social security and saving money in a shoe box just isn’t smart.

A lot of Americans go to school, just to get a degree–yet they aren’t learning anything. The result? A flock of educated dummies who don’t know how to think or provide value. Also, keep in mind that getting a degree doesn’t 100% mean that you’ll get the job of your dreams.

In fact, I’ve learned more through trial and error and from watching tutorials online than I have in my entire college career.

So what do you think? Is a college degree that requires courses you’ll never use a waste of time? Take the poll below.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

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