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Text DFW to 24042 to join 97.9 The Beat’s mobile club for exclusive news (Terms & Conditions). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alhcW6uR3uU Follow The Beat On Twitter: Every year on February 14th, millions of people celebrate Valentine’s Day. Were you ever curious to know why? Check out the video above by TruthUnedited for a full break down and below […]

How To Get Away With Murder is suspenseful show that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Check it out on ABC, Netflix, and Hulu. Below is the cast.

Here’s a recap of some of the craziest, memorable moments in 2018. Overall, there were a lot of wins and losses in 2018. Let’s try to keep the losses at a minimum in 2019 and make it great.

Nicole Murphy is the former wife of comedian/actor Eddie Murphy–and she’s gorgeous.

Follow Majic 94.5 On Twitter: So how much did Beyoncé & Jay-Z make on their “On The Run 2” tour? Well the numbers are in and they made a quarter of billions on tour. The tour kicked off in early June and went on to make 18 stops in Europe, followed by 30 more in […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: ’90s rap music was the golden era for Hip Hop and is responsible for propelling it to where it is today. Artists from the ’90s such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Juvenile, N.W.A., and others pushed the envelope of freedom of speech to the limit, and because of it, gained […]

Americans love chicken. Here’s a list of the top 11 places that people just can’t get enough of. Tell us below who you think makes the best chicken? Wing Stop https://twitter.com/wingstop/status/1031586911046049792 Chick-fil-A https://twitter.com/ChickfilA/status/1031866003716747266 Church’s Chicken https://twitter.com/ChurchsChicken/status/1034078606245486593 KFC https://twitter.com/kfc/status/1032613431298248706 Raising Cane’s https://twitter.com/Raising_Canes/status/1037717950927695873 Popeyes https://twitter.com/PopeyesChicken/status/1004082582923800576 Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken https://twitter.com/LeesFamousChick/status/1037070054377054209 Williams Chicken https://twitter.com/WilliamsChickn/status/1038057214588665857 Golden Chick https://www.facebook.com/GoldenChick/photos/a.91417353797/10156519012388798/?type=3&theater Chicken […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: College. A seven letter word that means different things to different people. Can it be beneficial? Yes. Is a degree in most cases a waste of time for people other than doctors and lawyers? Definitely. Here’s why. I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Business at Texas Woman’s University. […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Question: Which Dallas airport is closest to downtown, Lovefield, DFW International, or Addison airport? Answer: Dallas Lovefield Airport is actually the closest to downtown. It’s less than 10 miles. Sources: iFly, travelmath -Farlin Ave (@farlinave) Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The Latest:

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Question: How did the city of Dallas get its name? Answer: There is no definite 100% answer about how the city of Dallas, Texas got its name, however, the city was founded by John Bryan Neely in 1841. Sources: Quora, Texas Monthly, The Dallas Whisperer, Texas State Historical Association -Farlin Ave […]